Feel the colourful dizziness! - workshops for children


All  colours of the rainbow can be seen on September 28th  in our Centre. Classes and games in "Fairytale Saturdays" cycle will be focused on colors, and among the attractions will be dexterity and board games, a twister or art workshops. Free admission!

The Centre passage will soon turn into colourful playgrounds. Children visiting galleries will take part in animations, workshops and family games that will be focused on colors and learning about colors.

During the meeting, young participants and their parents will have colourful games and lots of creative gadgets at their disposal. The children will exercise on the twister and train their memory in Memo and Popcorn games. There will be also arcade and board games, as well as games based on the book "Colours". In the art workshop zone, you can prepare creative organizers for school supplies, funny door tags, and colourful owls and parrots.

The activities will take place on September  28th from 11.00 to 17.00. Participation in the events is free.

We invite you to come!