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Be eco!

From 23/04 to 06/05
Learning while having fun - this is the best way to learn and remember important information. The youngest will find out about it. On Saturday, April 23rd, they will come with their parents to watch the "Śmieciolandia" in our Shopping Centre.

Thanks to the story told, the youngest will find out why it is worth taking care of the forest and the animals that inhabit it. The performance will show young viewers what effects improper human interference in the natural world can have and will draw the children's attention to the need to care for the environment. During the performance, the creators will use various theatrical techniques. You will be able to watch actors, puppets and puppets.

A performance entitled "Śmieciolandia" will be shown twice at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. After the performance, we invite children to play together, during which they will learn how to behave during a trip to the forest, so as not to scare the animals and take care of the environment.

You will be able to enrich and consolidate the knowledge acquired during the performance and play in our Shopping Centre by viewing the ecological exhibition in our Shopping Centre. From Saturday, April 23rd to Friday, May 6th. You will be able to find out, among other things, how much waste we generate on a daily basis and how long it takes for them to stop threatening the environment.

The exhibition is available during the working hours of our Shopping Centre.

Free entrance! We invite you to come!