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Family fun in the world of illusions

The world of illusions has fascinated us for generations! Participants of the family holiday meeting, which will take place on Saturday, August 20th  in our Shopping Centre, will be able to get to know it better.

If we have the opportunity, we admire the illusionists and try to imitate the tricks they invented. During the meeting, the magician Łukasz Ogonowski will visit a special stage in the arcade of the shopping mall in Białystok. You could get to know his skills, incl. during the TV show "Got Talent". There are five performances waiting for the participants of Saturday's meeting. Each will take place on the full hour and will last 15 minutes. The first show starts at 13:00. The artist will invite the audience to participate in the presented tricks. You will be able to see how illusory human senses are. The magician will share with the viewers "secret knowledge" and show how to perform magic tricks on your own and delight your loved ones. There is a competition waiting for the brave, in which they will have to be clever and perceptive.

On the other hand, in the area arranged around the stage, it will be possible to take part in numerous family games, for example to check if we understand each other without words or to try to make the highest structure using playing cards. There is a corner with sensory toys waiting for the youngest children.

Those willing will be able to take part in a game in the style of well-known stalks - it will be possible to try to find mysterious signs hidden in the passage of the Shopping Centre.

We invite you to come!