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Fun with chemistry at the end of the holidays!

Take part in the next science workshops in our Shopping Centre! Effective chemical and physical experiences with the use of products that can be found in home cooking will be a great opportunity for children to play and provide a large dose of scientific knowledge! Classes will be held on Saturday, February 5 from 12:00 to 17:00 in the passage of our Shopping Centre.

During colourful experiments, young participants will learn the basic concepts of chemistry and physics and will find out that they can be used in practice in everyday life. Children will learn what pH is and check its level with red cabbage decoction, and also research how much vitamin C is in different fruit juices. Attempts to generate electricity using fruits and vegetables will certainly provoke a lot of emotions. There are also impressive experiments with the use of liquid nitrogen waiting for young scientists and a lot of fun.

The classes will be conducted by qualified animators and children of all ages can take part in them.

We invite you to come!