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Let's make Easter palms and eggs together!

Easter customs and traditions differ in different regions of our country. It is worth finding out what distinguishes ornaments made in Podlasie. Come to us with your family on April 2nd and find out that creating Easter decorations is great fun. It will be a day filled with Christmas workshops and attractions for children!

On Saturday, April 2nd, we will weave together colourful, regional palms. We will use blotting paper, dried coloured grasses, base and flowers. There will also be workshops on creating wooden Easter eggs, and for the youngest, Easter eggs-colouring. Paints, ribbons, paper, glitter will be in motion - it will be festive and colourful.

Lots of fun and attractions are provided for children, incl. decorating XXL-sized Easter eggs from cardboard together, competing with throwing an Easter egg to the target, sensory games with coloured rice, an Easter memo game, colourful tattoos, and even a ball pool. A family search for Easter eggs hidden in the gallery will also provide a lot of emotions.

The workshops are free of charge. We invite you on April 2nd between 12-18.