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Summer academy for little scientist invites you!

From 17/07 to 18/07
Air and water are essential to our life! The related laws of physics and chemistry will be available to learn more at the next meeting of „Letnia akademia małego naukowca” series in our Shopping Centre. On Saturday, July 17th, we invite you to the scientific laboratory, where you will be able to learn more about the phenomena that take place in the surrounding world during the shows and creative workshops. We are waiting from 12.00 to 18.00.

During the demonstrations of simple experiments that can then be performed at home, little scientists will learn, among other things, what the electrostatic phenomenon is and how a magnet works. Experiences with balloons and colourful tissue paper butterflies as well as playing catching metal objects from a vessel filled with water will help them. During the Saturday meeting, children will also learn about the properties of water, which makes some materials change their shape and the pattern made with a black marker turns into a multi-coloured streak. A smile on your face will certainly be evoked by shows of creating double or even triple bubbles.

There is a lot of joy for little scientists during creative workshops. Children will be able to make simple toys that illustrate the laws of physics and chemistry. Among them there will be a climbing lizard and a flying ball that illustrates the properties of compressed air. During the meeting, children will also receive descriptions of simple experiences that can be performed at home under the supervision of their parents. Among them will be, among others spectacular colourful lava that can be made from products available every day in almost every kitchen.

We invite you to come!