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Together for health!

World Health Day is a great opportunity to check if our body is functioning properly! By visiting our gallery on Saturday, April 9th, you will be able to consult specialists free of charge and carry out tests, for example, blood pressure or foot tests. A fun and animation zone will be waiting for the youngest.

During the event, our gallery will be visited by many specialists who will provide health advice. Among them, psychodietetics and physiotherapists.

A psychodietician is a specialist who deals with the psychological side of our diet. Works with people suffering from eating disorders. Everyone willing will be able to take advantage of his advice on site and free of charge. making nutritional plans or tips on how to change eating habits. You will also be able to conduct and discuss a body composition analysis. As part of the study, the content of adipose tissue and soft tissues in individual parts of the body will be assessed.

Among the specialists who will visit our gallery, there will also be physiotherapists who will provide advice on sports, orthopaedic and dental physiotherapy. They will help to understand the nature or determine the origin of pain complaints and defects of the musculoskeletal system, including the face and mouth. They will talk about physiotherapy before and after childbirth, gynaecological and urological rehabilitation of women and men. Practical advice will be given with the use of a mat and exercise equipment (balls). Everyone can count on tips on how to exercise at home to strengthen the body and muscles. Adults and children will be able to take advantage of the advice.

During the event, you will also be able to take advantage of many tests, including blood pressure measurement, professional foot examination of children and adults, and receive specialist advice on choosing the right supplements in your daily diet.

To all interested, Vision Express will offer free computer measurement and coupons with a special 25% discount for the purchase of glasses.

In turn, specialists of the Polish Society for Health Education - Health Education Anti-smoking Counselling will test the level of carbon monoxide in the exhaled air of smokers, as well as provide tips on how to quit smoking.

On this day, there will be sports and creative struggles with prizes. You will be able to test yourself in many competitions, incl. in time trial cycling and dumbbell lifting, and even in healthy eating quizzes.

A creative corner is provided for the youngest, where the little ones will be able to, among others, glue the food pyramid and learn how to compose a healthy breakfast.

We invite you on April 9th, between 12-18.

Free entrance!