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Workshops and fairs for parents!

Having a child in the family is a great joy, but also many questions and doubts! We invite parents to a meeting entitled „Rodzinkowo”, during which they will gain useful knowledge and practical skills related to the care of babies and toddlers. During the fair, they will get acquainted with the offer of local creators and presenting a variety of products for children.

We invite you on Saturday, May 21st from 12:00 to 17:00.


There will be specialists waiting for parents - a midwife and a paramedic - who will answer questions, advise on how to care for an infant and a small child, as well as how to react in difficult situations and provide first aid.

On the other hand, the dietitian, after analyzing the body composition, will tell mums how to get back into good shape after pregnancy and take care of their and their baby's health.


Moms are also waiting for a moment of relaxation! During the meeting, you will be able to take advantage of a free hand and nail treatment performed by the stylists of „Hej Piękna” salon.

A piano concert performed by 11-year-old Alicja Charkiewicz will also provide a lot of emotions.


Exhibitors will present a diverse offer for the whole family.

• "Maziaki" classes club, which runs classes for children from 6 months to 4 years old, will invite the children to play, the so-called sensory masses. Their preparation is a lot of fun and supports the development of young children.
• Idea box - presenting wooden personalized products to decorate a children's room. Among them there will be treasure boxes, occasional gifts, wooden doll houses, mouse mascots and many more.
• - at the stand you will be able to buy travel accessories for children, sleeping bags for babies, toys, sensory rattles, bedding for children, pillows, and cuddly kittens.
• Ryzhylik Workshop - fans of wooden accessories and decorations will be able to buy wooden jewellery, decorations and notebooks with dedication
•  "Gaść ziół" soap with lanolin offers soaps for children and adults from natural ingredients

In addition, in a special photo booth, it will be possible to take commemorative family photos and thus celebrate the first upcoming Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Free entrance!