Shopping vouchers won! Here is the list of winners.


Dear Customers!

We present the list of winners who put together the puzzles in the shortest time and won additional prizes in our competition.

Prizes - shopping vouchers worth PLN 100 - will be issued at the Competition Service Center located in Auchan Hetmańska Shopping Center on November 15th  and 16, 2019 from 12.00 to 18.00.

Prizes will be issued on the basis of an identity document and an SMS sent to the winners.

Please note that shopping vouchers, which are prizes in the competition, are valid from November 14th , 2019 to November 24th , 2019.

We answer all questions regarding the competition at:


LIST OF WINNERS OF 11.11.2019.





Arrangement time:

Przemek B. 698xxxx84 Bon 100 zł 38.993
Rafał O.  535xxxx77 Bon 100 zł 40.540
Weronika L. 511xxxx07 Bon 100 zł 40.915
Marta K. 660xxxx19 Bon 100 zł 43.465
Helena T. 696xxxx38 Bon 100 zł 43.628
Patryk B. 530xxxx62 Bon 100 zł 43.946
Paweł B.  502xxxx93 Bon 100 zł 46.992
Wiktoria M. 501xxxx86 Bon 100 zł 47.683
Mirela O.  512xxxx64 Bon 100 zł 51.011
Katarzyna U.  693xxxx24 Bon 100 zł 54.356


LIST OF WINNERS OF 15.11.2019.


Participant: Participant Prize Arrangement time:
Krystyna W. 511XXXX25 Bon 100 zł 24.081
Kamil O.  518XXXX70 Bon 100 zł 24.995
Małgorzata M. 507XXXX66 Bon 100 zł 28.514
Angela O.  500XXXX32 Bon 100 zł 38.610
Katarzyna S. 883XXXX50 Bon 100 zł 39.483
Wojciech B.  664XXXX01 Bon 100 zł 41.579
Aleksandra O.  507XXXX66 Bon 100 zł 44.986
Marta L. 792XXXX76 Bon 100 zł 45.646
Karolina M. 726XXXX09 Bon 100 zł 45.778
Elżbieta W. 694XXXX18 Bon 100 zł 46.229


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