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С 26/06
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You can spend your time the way you like in our Shopping Centre! We invite you to shop at the stores of our Shopping Centre, where you can find summer collections at attractive prices. We also offer a wide variety of service points and take care of everyday matters. After successful shopping, enjoy a meal in the restaurant area and rest in the relaxation zones.

For the sake of common security, it is worth remembering the most important rules:

1. In the Shopping Centre you should cover your nose and mouth with a mask.

2. Please keep a safe distance from other buyers.

3. Respect the limits of people who can stay in individual stores at the same time - currently it is 1 person. for 10 sq. m
Information on how many people can shop at the same time can be found at the entrance to the store.

4. Use the liquid dispensers available in the Shopping Centre and disinfect your hands or wear disposable gloves.

5. Make electronic contactless payments if possible.

We invite you to safe shopping! добавьте это событие в свой календарь

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